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    Delivering excellence and defining quality

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    Continously evolving to meet our customers requirements

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    Printing quality and efficiency are a given. Our real product is our service.

About us

BAP is a pioneering printing house with a dynamic outlook towards the future; one that is in a state of constant evolution to meet the ever-increasing demand for high end infra-structure, cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality in print communication. But foremost, dedicated service is the platform on which BAP continuously strives to nurture a long-term partnership with each of its clients. BAP India, was established in 1955 by Mr. S.S. Batra with the dream of establishing a top of the line printing house. What started with a small letter press in the lanes of sadar bazar, has now modernized with state of the art equipment in the press at every level, sourcing equipment from the best of international manufacturers. Their passion for good quality printing and design, deep knowledge and understanding of technology involved, combined with hands-on work experience at the press. This dream was soon realized as Batra Art Press became one of the leading printing houses in India.

Team Member

Ravinder batra

Team Member

Prabhdit batra



We constantly update ourselves on technological front and make use of progressive technologies. Our Infrastructure includes Pre-Press, Press, and Post-Press facilities comprising a modern set-up equipped with the most advanced machinery which helps us deliver upon the promises we make to our customers. We have complete in-house facilities for graphic designing, processing, printing, lamination, die-cutting, binding under one roof.

  1. Power PCs - 4 nos
  2. Power Macs – 2 nos
  3. Epson Large format Digital Proofing machine for ferro prints
  4. CTP – Technova FFA Violet Plate exposing and processing unit.
  1. Komori Lithrone 540, 5 Colour, 28” X 40”, Auto Plate + CPC
  2. Komori Lithrone GL 37, 4 Colour, 25” x 37”, Auto Plate + CPC
  3. Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 8P 2007 -Eight color perfector (4+4)
  4. Heidelberg Speedmaster ZP 102, 1+1 / 2+0 colour, 28” x 40”, Alcolor Dampening
  5. Heidelberg Speedmaster CPC 102, 1+1 / 2+0 colour, 28” x 40”, Alcolor Dampening
  6. Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 – 2P, 1+1 / 2+0 colour, 28” x 40”, Alcolor Dampening
  1. Stahl Folder Combination machine 32 pages 78/8 KLL Round Pile feeder
  2. Stahl Folder Combination machine 16 pages 78/4 KLL Round Pile feeder
  3. Stahl Folder – Suction Feed – 16 pages
  4. Stahl Folder – Suction Feed – 16 pages
  5. Muller Martini 22 station Gathering Machine with Sensors
  6. Muller Martini Section Sewing Machines – 3 nos.
  7. Aster 160 Automatic Section-sewing Machine – 1 no.
  8. Welbound Perfect Binding Machine 6 Clamp (Hot Glue)
  9. Muller Martini Flow-line 4 + 1 Station Centre Pinning with online Three Knife Trimmer
  10. SDY stand alone Three Knife Trimmer – 2 nos.
  11. Shrink Wrapping Machine. 2 nos
  12. Shrink Wrapping Automatic Tunnel. 1 nos
  13. Lamination Machine 26”
  14. Thermal Lamination Machine – 40”
  15. Die Cutting and Hot Foil Stamping Machine – 3 nos
  16. Semi Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine
  17. UV Coating Machine
  18. Hard Case making machine
  19. Casing – in Machine
  20. Book Block Forming Machine


We believe in delivering the finest quality and meeting the most difficult of deadlines. Over the years we have evolved operations flexible enough to accept any job and have a proven ability at working round the clock to meet a client's deadlines. The press is capable of executing the most sophisticated jobs with precision and care. A versatile printing house equipped with the best technology.


Quality note

We, Sterling graphics Pvt. Ltd., are commited to manufacturing of books and magazines for stakeholder which meet all statutory. Legal and applicable requirements and shall continually improve it's Quality Management Systems.

We are commited to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by constant monitoring of documented process, throught measurable KPIs, periodical training and motivational programs, focus is to protect, preserve and enhance the environment.

We ensure that QMS policy is documented, implemented and maintained, endorsed and circulated to employees, external provider and other interested parties through mails, displaying on website and in organization at different locations.

The QMS policy is reviewed periodically as and when necessary for continuing suitability, thereby providing the basis for setting and reviewing the QMS objectives and targets.